Turbine is a slighty absurdist story about making choices for yourself and for others, and the frustrations of seeing loved ones' wrong decisions slowly getting out of hand.




Puppet Karaoke


This puppet comes to life when she starts singing a well known song.




artists' collective


Tales for Thought is the animation collective of Shanta Jethoe and Annelies Hofman. With our artistically alligned minds we create socially and environmentally engaged stories with real craftsmanship at their base.



A versatile Dutch illustrator with a background in animation and a passion for visual development. While my drawings and animations are seldom bound to a specific style, there are certain characteristics that reappear in my work: colourful, subtle and at times a hint of absurdism. I am always exploring what makes a story or illustration credible and at the same time thrilling. It is a process in which visuals and contents are inextricably linked. I want to tell stories that deserve being heard and with that, as a true optimist, I hope to contribute to a better world.


I got my bachelor's degree in Animation Design at ArtEZ Institue of the Arts in 2017. Currently living in Delft, the Netherlands, I am available for hire as a freelance illustrator and designer.