I'm here to help.

I'm a visual storyteller with an eye for craftsmanship, environment and inclusiveness. Do you need someone who can make strong visuals and animations for you and who helps you think about creative solutions? Let me know in a message, and I'll reply as quickly as possibly.

For big and specialized projects I team up with Shanta Jethoe, under the artist's collective: Tales for Thought.


Scroll down to see an example of the things that I do.

character design

Every story requires a different design. I will develop a well grounded style that suits your story and design lively, believable characters. Always keeping in mind a broad representation.

background art

A good background visual tells a story in itself and that because of the tiniest details and the choices that are made within the style. I always try to create a well argued design, so the background itself creates a strong atmosphere and makes the world of a story come to life.


From storyboard to end result, I can help you with any step along the way. My technique of expertise: traditional 2D animation (TVpaint). I have a subtle, realistic style of animation, with a good sense of anatomy and perspective.

from sketch to result