Creativity, that's me. That's quite a bold statement.

Let me show you why I say this; take a look at the versatility of my work.

Puppet Karaoke

Making this handmade puppet come to live through good sense of movement, a couple of digital tools, and the music of Aretha Franklin. That's Puppet Karaoke. Click here to read more and see the result.


Plan for a short film, conceived in reaction to the energy transition. Turbine is a slighty absurdist story about making choices for yourself and for others, and the frustrations of seeing loved ones' wrong decisions slowly getting out of hand. Read more...

Bunny Nation

With great fun I am making my own boardgame. That's a nice time for experiment with different materials, while trying to fit sources of inspiration from the past into a new jacket. See more of the process, or follow the project on instagram:

Hortus Psychicus

I made this short animated film, from beginning to end. That means: thinking up the story, developing the style, making the script and storyboard, making the backgrounds and then animated the whole thing frame by frame, which is drawn by hand... Yes, that is quite a lot of work! Read more and watch the film.


The making of study drawings is a nice way to research a specific aspect of drawing. Click here to see different series of studies I made through the years.


Always a good option as a personal gift, a nice portrait of a family member or friend. More of my portraits.

Ginger's bay

It began with an impulsive drawing of a group of diverse characters and suddenly the base for a story about identity and treating other people arose. Now I'm slowly shaping the world in which these characters live. Follow the progress on this page.

Graphic Design

As a volunteer contribution to the owners association of my flat, I design the prints and communication of the board, with the aim of getting more attention and interest from the residents. More graphic work.



Pommy Potato

A Tales for Thought project, you can follow it on instagram and tumblr.

Business cartoons

I make a fun cartoon for Vervaet's Facebook page every season. Here's more commissioned illustrations.

Online Avatar Community

Between 2010 and 2015, an important activity for me was the online avatar community (Roliana, now offline) for which I was head of the pixel art department and did concept developments. Here I have been able to experience in a fun way what it is like to have to ensure the commerciality of an online platform. I often think back of it with pleasure. See more work for this project here. (including pixel art, backgrounds and UI design)