Making hand-drawn animation is great fun and gives wonderful results, but it is also very time-consuming. This in combination with a recent interest in making tangible work, I started to make a puppet.
The puppet is 30 centimeters in size and sewn by hand. A felt hat, wig made of sheep's wool and shoes made of hobby foam that are made orange with nail polish. Making the doll was a fun, but long process of trial and error. I digitally animated the face with After Effects.


Ik hecht veel waarde aan zelfstandigheid, dus ik was op zoek naar een manier om de pop alleen te besturen. Maar 4 ledematen, een hoofd en eventueel heupen is erg veel voor twee handen! Dit is nog iets om verder te onderzoeken...


I really like to be independent, so I was looking for a way to control the puppet on my own. But 4 limbs, a head and possibly hips is very much for two hands! The next step is
to complete the rest of the song, Respect by Aretha Franklin, in collaboration with the Tales for Thought collective.